Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I'm In Love With A Priest

I'm an eBay keeno so of course heard about The Ragged Priest's shop on eBay and always lusted after their clothes. I felt that their prices were reasonable, seeing as they've reworked a lot of vintage items, but I just never bought anything from there. I actually have no idea why. I think maybe though that I like to see what the clothes items that I will be buying are like in person, so I can fee the fabric and then I'll know what the quality of all the items will be. I found out that they had a concession in the Topshop on Oxford street and so knew that I would have to make a trip their at some point. I went the other day with some friends as I always forgot to check out the concessions when I go to that Topshop, as the shop is like an adventure and I always usually stay by the jewellery and spend all of my money there.
So I finally went to the concession section and literally could not believe what I was seeing. There were 3 rails filled with clothes that I now know that when I get paid I will be owning. I ended up buying only one thing as I'm meant to be saving money to pay my holiday deposit but I couldn't let it pass me by.

This gorgeous simple sleeveless tee was £25 but with my friends student discount it ended up being £22.50 which I think is crazy cheap, being that this tee is perfect. I'm planning to wear it with either leather fronted trousers, or leather/PU leggings and my Topshop Lion Wedges. That's of course for a more 'party' look.

I went on their website last night however and I saw that the dress that I had been wanting for a while now, was still on sale! I couldn't not buy it. It was originally £45 reduced by half! (£22.50) There was no way that I could leave it as I know that I would regret it. I've been selling some items on eBay so I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to get the money back.
It's just such a stunning dress. The spikes on the shoulder straps are what sells it for me. I cannot wait to wear it on a night out! The only problem that I see with it, is that it only came in one size, 8-10, and I would normally buy a size 12 just because I don't like things to cling to me. But the tee that I bought i supposed to be one size as well a size, 8-10-12, but it's more of a 14 I would say, so I'm just hoping that it's a bit bigger. It does looks a bit 'baggy' on the model so I'm hopeful.

Last night I also bought Sleigh Bells tickets for me and a friend. They were £12 each and I was so gutted that i didn't buy the London show tickets in time so I'm having to go to Brighton just for the night to see them, because that was the closest date to where we live. I'm so excited cause I've loved Sleigh Bells for a while now. If you haven't listened to them before, or don't even know who they are, well, what's wrong with you!! firstly, aha, but yes definitely give them a listen. Their new album comes out on the 21st of this month I think. I'd suggest listening to 'Rill Rill', 'Run The Heart', and 'Comeback Kid'. My favourites are 'Crown On The Ground', 'Born To Lose' and 'Rachel'.