Sunday, 27 November 2011

bucket bag bargain

Like i mentioned in a previous post, I recently purchased these babies FINALLY and I am just so god damn happy that I finally caved and got them with money i should have been saving... but nonetheless, I love them, and I'll get a lot of wear out of them for sure. My feet are a size 8 which is quite big for a girl and I always worry about flats making my feet look huge, but these really don't at all. My feet usually look a lot smaller then they are anyway, but I still get a bit paranoid about them looking stupidly big.

My Alexander Wang fake that i got off of eBay has broken. Already. The zips broke about 2 weeks ago, and I had to hold it together with safety pins which was extremely annoying as getting in and out of the bag would involve undoing every safety pin, only having to do them back up again moments later so that all of the crap in my bag wouldn't fall on the floor. Basically, I hate the bag, and wasted £30.
So I was looking through a charity shop like I do most days, and I rarely ever look at the bag sections any more as the charity shops around where I live usually have really bad bags, or all of my friends have bought all of the nice ones, leaving me to only see the bad ones. Anyway, I happened to glance up at the bag shelf in one particular charity shop and could not believe what I was looking at; a real Estée Lauder bucket bag. I literally flew across the shop and grabbed it off of the shelf finding that it was only £5.99!!
The only annoying thing with the bag is that the leather draw string type things that hold the bag closed don't actually do that at all. There aren't any pockets inside either, but to be honest, I don't actually care because it's real Estée Lauder for £5.99.

Boyfs & Pleather

Like I've previously mentioned, because I work in New Look I get a 50% discount on near enough everything in store. I have been eyeing up the boyfriend blazers in store for a couple of weeks now, and even though I'm supposed to be saving up for a holiday next summer, I just couldn't wait any longer to get them. Yes them. I bought 2 of the same Boyfriend style blazer coat; 1 in burgundy and 1 in a camel brown colour. Wow. I was actually looking for one in dark grey or black but I just couldn't leave these. They were £50 but only cost me £25 cause of my discount. I also got a black fur stole which I'm going to use as fur lapels when I wear these coats. I think that it might be a bit too much for college, but I do study fashion therefore meaning that I can wear anything as I'm 'expressing' myself lol.

I've been invited to an 18th birthday on a boat on the thames! So naturally I've been searching for a dress to wear for a while now, and it's way harder than you'd think to find the perfect dress. I wanted to buy this gorgeous waterfall asymmetric dress which was chiffon and this gorgeous burgundy wine colour, but it was £48, and I knew that I would probably only wear it on that one occassion, regardless of me telling myself that I'd wear it all the time. It just would'nt happen so I didn't want to that amount on something that I'd get no use out of. So I was watching BeautyCrush on youtube as I usually do, and I saw that for a blog awards ceremony, Sammie was wearing this gorgeous leather dress from H&M that I had always picked up but never tried it on. Seeing it on her just made me HAVE to at the very least try it on. I fell in love with it, and am going to wear it with my black stole which i was inspired by Sammie herself wearing a grey fur stole with the dress. I'm so excited to wear it! 
I ordered some 'faux' Litas off of eBay and they arrived today, and I wanted to wear them with the outfit, but they didn't fit properly and I just generally was disappointed. For Christmas I am asking for real Litas, just the Leather brown block heel ones. I can wear them with a lot of things as the black will go with a lot of the clothes in my wardrobe.

Wine Trim

Candy Leather

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Haven't posted in a while

I haven't posted in aaaages because I've been waiting for a lot of my clothes to be delivered! Tomorrow I'm going to take pictures of my new purchases which I'm so excited to finally have, after wanting them for a long time now. I wore the outfit in the picture above yesterday when I spent the day with my mum, just taking to dog to the parlour to get washed and cut for the last time this year before it gets really cold, and I bought a really nice cardi in a charity shop which I'll show tomorrow. I'm a massive fan of NiaSays on youtube, and in her latest haul, she reviewed these Topshop studded flats which I've been lusting after for quite a while now but didn't want to spend £28 on something I didn't want, when I could get 2 pairs of shoes from New Look with my discount for that price. She said that they are well worth it basically so I thought, you know what, I'm just going to buy them. I love them so much I wore them today at work as well. The only bad thing I'd say about them which I doubt would affect a lot of people, is that I always lean on the sides of my feet when I'm standing still, and the inside of the studs dig into your feet if you do that which actually really hurt. But I guess I shouldn't be leaning like that anyway aha. 
I wear my Strokes tee a lot and to bed as well, I just love it, and of course it has the Strokes on the front so that makes it even better. I got if off of eBay in a size Large, and cut the sleeves off. My coat is from eBay as well and has a brown fur collar. The jeggings are from New Look and I would highly recommend getting jeggings as a posed to to jeans. They're just so much more comfortable and just generally better as you don't have to worry about your flies falling down or any crap like that.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I printed out some pictures that I had been collecting to use for the front cover of my sketchbook for my fashion course. The picture of the mouth in the top left corner was just a black and white photo that I printed out and coloured in the lips in red. 
The whole thing isn't finished yet because I want to have pictures of various different Jeffrey Campbell shoes running down the length of the right side, printed in colour though. I really should have been finished off my sketches of 1950s skirts (that's our topic) but I just wanted to get this done cause it had been bothering me that I just had a plain book. I'm not sure if I like what I've done though on the front cover. I'm planning on putting black glitter all over the bits that I don't put pictures on though to 'jazz' it up a bit. It looks a lot better in real life.

So my HAMSA bracelet arrived today! SO happy as I really was excited to get it. I got it from 'Dolly Bow Bow' and post and packaging was only £1!! Crazy right! The bracelet cost £6-7 which I think is really good as it is gorgeous. I never would buy jewellery for that much, a bracelet especially as I don't ever wear bracelets, but I just had to get it!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

So I got a tattoo on Saturday..

I've been wanting to get this tattoo for AGES and I wanted it to be the first one that I ever got. I know it's ridiculously simple and just an outline etc, but i LOVE it and I'm so happy with it. It's on the side of my arm/wrist like on the bone running down your arm, so I got two of the most painful things tattoo-wise; on the bone and an outline. I got something so simple to see if I could handle the pain, because if I had got some really intricate piece for my first tattoo and I couldn't handle the pain, I would have just told them to stop and would have ended up with a grotty half finished tattoo. I have so many plans for other tattoos that I want to get, but I need to really think about them before I get them. 

I took this picture the day I got it done so that's why you can still see the plaster marks.
After work, my mum just randomly said " do you want that tattoo today?" and i was like 
so yeh, ha, my mum is too sweet <3

Saturday, 5 November 2011

I'm meant to be getting ready for work

I decided to put studs of 3 other shirts that I have. I found the floral peter pan collard shirt the other day and I thought I had lost it! I can't wait to wear it with a black crew neck jumper. I think I mean crew neck anyway..

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


So I bought some black studs, (they're gorgeous) and decided to put them on the collar of this gorgeous pale blue cotton shirt that I bought in a charity shop a couple of days ago. I might do a big haul tomorrow as I don't have college, so the daylight situation will be all gurd.

So yes, the collars. Wow, I absolutely love how they turned out. It was really simple to do and a bag of 25 black studs cost £4.97 or something close to that, but a bag of 50 was like £5-something, so I don't actually know why I didn't just pay like a pound more to get 25 more. But to be honest, why would I need 50? Everything I own would end up being covered in studs.