Monday, 16 January 2012

New Hair Idea

So I recently re-ombré'd my hair so the ends are now a sort of ash medium brown town with the tops of my hair just a dark brown colour. I saved a picture a couple of months ago of the hair that NEEDED in my life, but I was never brace enough to go as light as it was, but it's 2012, not a whole new me, just the 'me' I've always wanted to be, so before I go to have my weave put back in, i'm going to dye it all lighter and dye my own hair lighter also. The picture below is what I hope to the achieve, except the center-part styling, the rest is exactly what I want. I love ash hair tones and this is exactly what I want to create on my own head! I'm overly excited to do this as his as I've been needing a change and also this isn't something drastic, it will be a very nice change!! I've been going through that phase of hating everything in your wardrobe as well, so I at least want to be loving my hair and the rest will follow through. Hopefully.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Vegetarian 2012

So In 2011 I decided that I was going to make some new years resolutions, like I do every year, like most people do, but nobody ever usually keeps them past March. This year however I am determined to take them seriously. I decided to become a vegetarian. The thought of eating animals muscles and flesh had just got too much for me, and to be honest I'm glad that I finally have become one. I'm on a diet as well and I've been doing 50 sit ups a day and last night decided to make that 100 in the night and 100 in the morning, so 200 a day. Good God, that might decrease over a couple of weeks aha, but I want/need to have a 'bikini body' by July, and I know that that is AGES away, 6 months, but I want to just be comfortable in my body, and wear clothes that I want to wear. There's no point just trying to accept your body, when you aren't actually happy and never will be. So making a change really isn't actually that hard to be honest. Once you get started, it's not hard, just think of your goal and then you'll get there. I think I've lost weight already, cause I have completely cut meat and fish from my diet, which I wouldn't recommend cause I did feel really sick for the first week, but now I do still feel a bit sick, but I think my body is just lacking protein.
This leads me to the picture above. My mum's boyfriend, bless him, has been like really supportive if my diet changes aha, and he bought me a few Quorn meals! But I didn't realise it was FUNGUS ahaha, now I know that mushrooms are fungus or whatever, and I love mushrooms, but still aha I just thought it was funny that they say 'Part of the Fungi Family'

Actually now, it's not that funny or shocking is it ahahah, wow, awkward..

Sunday, 8 January 2012


I've titled this post with that because that's how I've been feeling recently about my style and fashion. I keep buying clothes and wasting money on things that are 'nice' but that just aren't my style at all, and then when I wear them, I hate what I'm wearing and am pissed off all day. I know what my style is, like what outfits or clothes that I see and am like I MUST OWN THIS, but  for about a couple of months now I've been trying out different clothes, mixing it up a bit, but now have clothes that I just hate lol. I've always loved dark tones and simple shades, patterns, shapes, gold, glitter, nothing bright, colourful or gaudy. So I don't know why I've been trying to, not change myself, but unnecessarily make myself uncomfortable because I want to be a person that is always trying new things. We're constantly being flooded with images of what's right or what's awesome right now, and I just think it's ridiculous to try new things that you don't even like, just because they're new and 'kewl'. I've been stupid really.

This post is unnecassary and I'm going to delete it soon.
Also, Donnie Darko is on so I need to be paying attention to that rather than to this pointless blog post, cause I've been lazy and haven't taken any pictures to put in a proper blog post.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Little Asos Parcel

So I got my Asos parcel in the post and was so excited to open it because I wasn't sure how what I bought would look. This was because I ordered a head-band that I wanted to wear instead as a choker necklace, but of course cause I didn't have it physically in my hands to see if it would look good, I just bought it and hoped for the best. LUCKILY it looks amazing as a necklace! It fits perfectly just below the collar and ahhhh wow I'm so excited about this piece. The crosses are a gun metal colour and it instead of being plain silver, when the metal shines in the light it gets the affect of oil in sunlight. That's the only way I can describe it, like when a car has leaked some oil on the floor, in the sunlight it comes out as this almost metalic rainbow effect.
I wore it today with a black lace shirt and the necklace sat just beneath the collar. So gorgeous and for £4 (it was in the sale) this is definitely one of my favourite purchases at the moment!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


These are the pieces that I have picked up in the past couple of weeks. 5 of the things in the top picture I bought on one outing ! Jewellery is my vice. I could go shopping in need of something specific and come end up buying loads of jewellery and not what I actually was looking for. 
The shell earrings are so cute! I really love shells and am going to be getting a tattoo of a scallop shell either on my ankle/side of my leg, or on my forearm. These earrings were only £1.50 from a charity shop, and i saw them when I was meant to be Christmas shopping but I find it hard to go out and not spend money so had to buy myself something! 
The necklace with the big "£4" sticker on it caught my eye cause I was thinking of taking off the green gem things completely, like as you can see two of them had already fallen out, so I took all of the off completely and now it looks really nice.
The feather necklace is was from New Look as well, and I just couldn't leave it! I could imagine wearing it with a lovely black shirt or jumper or some combination of the two. The colour is gorgeous as well so I couldn't leave it, even though it could look a bit gaudy if it was worn with the wrong thing.
I had to buy the scorpion earrings cause well, they're scorpions! And the top and end of the body is gold, and the middle is silver which is gorgeous as I love these contrasting metals at the moment, and it also means that you can wear either gold or silver jewellery with the earrings.
The silver long chain is from topman and was in the sale for £2 so I of course couldn't leave it there! And I've been wearing my silver triangle pendant from topman a lot, too much, so I'm glad I have another silver pendant to wear so I'm not wearing one relentlessly.

The two Asos items, wow, they were both only £3! which is unbelievable as they are gorgeous! I haven't actually worn the studded bracelet yet as I have tiny wrists so I've just been putting off wearing it.
The spike necklace however, I have been wearing nearly everyday! It sits so nicely under a collar so it is very easy to wear. So worth it. I think they're both still in the sale!!

I'm thinking of doing outfit posts soon, so you'll see how I'd style the feather necklace etc.

Had a teen-life crisis last night

Well, I say last night, but it was actually in the early hours of the morning and I'm 18 so more of an adult now than a teen, but anyway... I've decided that I no longer want to do the fashion course at my college. Don't get me wrong; my future career goals still of course include fashion, I just don't really have a lot of interest in actually making clothes. This course is basically all about the making of clothes and that just isn't what I want to do. I want to be a visual merchandiser. When I'm in New Look (where I work) I constantly find myself rearranging clothes into colour order or to what colours or designs would be most appealing to the eye. I would love to dress mannequins in the window, and the mannequins on the shop floor, designate where certain items of clothing should be situated in the store, ahhh I would love to do that.
I thought that to get into the fashion world, my current course would be the only way that in, when actually it's not, there are so many other different avenues that I could go through to get to where I want to end up! I never believed in myself either, never believed that I would actually be good at anything other than English, so I didn't even look into anything else other than 6th form which I dropped out of at the end of my AS's, then I did a hair and beauty course which I left to do my current fashion course.

Luckily, during my crisis, my cousin was online and we had a good talk and he's always really good in these types of situations as I feel he knows me better than anyone, and he suggested that I take a gap year, and look into the Fashion Retail Academy, and see if there were any courses their that were what I actually want to do. They were. I must go there!
aha I'm so indecisive but that's why I think it's a good idea to have a gap year, get a full time job, so either ask for more hours at New Look or look else where, and then decide what I want from this life. There are so many good courses on their website that have literally grabbed me. I want to ultimately have my own store in a good few years, but for the next couple of years, I really see myself just growing as a person, going to this academy, and then working in a chain store as a Visual Merchandiser. I think that that would be perfect for me as I love clothes, but do not want to make them.

This is very long, but I just needed to write this all down and get it off of my chest.