Monday, 30 April 2012

Wow haven't blogged in an AGE

For anyone who actually reads this pointless blog, the reason why I haven't posed anything in ages is that I've been so busy, (I always hate when people say that "oh sorry i haven't blogged I've been really busy", it takes like 20 mins to post just a text blog so really there's no excuse, but that's all I've got so..) and I like to use Firefox as my main browser, so whenever I sign into youtube, it signs me out of blogger cause google have decided to take over the world and demand that you only use one gmail account per browser. Really really annoying, so I can just never be bothered to continually swap between safari and firefox to use blogger and youtube. ANYWAY, in other news, I have a girlfriend now, so yeh, she takes up a lot of me time <3 
I also went through a phase of just not buying any significant items of clothing, and would only buy random pieces of jewellery, or just not a lot really, no idea why, just the way it went, and so there was really nothing for me to blog about. I'm thinking of changing this blog up a bit though, maybe more opinon based as a posed to just fashion. More, hmmm about topics, things I'm interested in, just an online account of my thoughts etc, as a posed to just OH HEY I BOUGHT THIS TOP ITS NICE.. idk, I prefer to read blogs on that, than make my own one. So yeh, this post is basically to say that I'm going to start blogging a whole lot more, 3 times a week MINIMUM, wow, so hard.. I will try though.

I'm going to post something shortly about jewellery though, because I've been buying LOADS at the moment, and well yeh, I'll move on to another topic, let's say tomorrow?