Friday, 4 May 2012


 So I bought some black English conical spikes from Studs and Punks a few months back, and decided to buy the silver ones, to re-work some of my other clothes. I put 3 studs on either side of the collar on one of my chiffon shirts. I have 2 exactly the same, because I thought I lost one but then found it the next day! So i thought I'd put studs on of and leave the other bare so I'd have the option of to stud or not to stud for my outfit choices.
I bought the acid washed denim dress from Primark about 2 years ago, and it was my "goal" dress. I always buy clothes that don't fit in order for me to be motivated into losing some weight and being able to fit in them, but what normally ends up happening, is that I forget that I have bought them, and they sit in the wardrobe for a couple of years until i decide that I don't even want to wear it ever, so money gets wasted. This time, I thought that I'd rework it with some studs going along the front of the shoulder straps, and sell it on eBay. If a dress like this was in topshop, I reckon that it would sell for like £40, or something like that, but I'm only selling it for the buy it now price of £19.99, because I'm a nice person, or am just stupid ha!
The Levi shorts, I got them from a charity shop as jeans, and cut them into shorts and put studs all along the top back panel. I am in love with them but they are just far too big for me :( I'm going to buy another pair of black levi's that actually fit and stud them the same.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Recent Jewellery Purchases

 I didn't get round to putting this post up last night like I said I would because I spent the majority of my evening/night having a domestic over the phone with my girlfriend be we pretty much ended up solving all of our problems so I'm glad that it happened. So here are my most recent jewellery buys, and 1 is from topshop, 1 from a charity shop, and the last 2 are from miss selfridge in the sale.

 I have wanted these skull earrings for some time now but just didn't really want to spend £6.50 on a pair of earrings that only look good as a pair, and because of my tunnel (which I have taken out now), I would only be able to wear one, but when i saw that they were half price, I sort of had to buy them. My tunnel has closed up quite a bit and I only took it out roughly 2 weeks ago. It was only stretched to 10mm so of course it would close fast. These skull earrings are quite heavy so I don't want to wear them yet cause they'll just make my ear sag and look pat butcher-esque.

 For about 3 years now (ever since I did my art GCSE exam where I decided to create a shell the size of a child for my final piece), I have had a real love for scallop shells. I am planning on getting a tattoo of one either on one of my fingers or on my arm. So, whenever I see a piece of jewellery that has any type of scallop shell imagery on it, I almost feel compelled to buy it. So I was in a charity shop with my girlfriend, and we were looking at all of the ornament and jewellery cabinets, and then i saw these gorgeous earrings! I'm not planning on wearing them with that many shells still attached to the earring, because that would look slightly ridiculous, I mean I know I love them, but I don't want to look OTT, so I'm planning on making a necklace with the excess shells that I remove. 

 I've been wanting a hand harness for a while now, but just haven't been prepared to spend £10 on a flimsy chain that I don't even know that I'll even wear a lot, so I saw this in the sale in miss selfridges, for wait, £1!! I literally could not believe it. There was no doubt about whether or not I was going to buy it. I have yet to wear it because it clashes with the rest of my gold jewellery, but on a night out I will definitely wear it as the statement piece of my hand/wrist jewellery. 

This was actually a head harness thing, but I thought that it would look lovely as a necklace and so cut off the middle chain which would have gone down the center of your head. I also took 2 of the crystal gems out of the middle link as I just thought it made it look a bit tacky. It doesn't look as nice close up apparently haha, but in r/l it does look really nice.