Sunday, 24 March 2013

No Fringe? Fake Fringe!

So I've been recently really wanting a straight fringe, like a shortish sort of one, not like the one that Hayley Williams is currently attempting to pull off, but a decent shortish kind of fringe. So I thought, instead of loping off my hair and then crying if it ended up looking ridiculous, on a whim I decided to type into eBay "fake fringe" and I actually found one. I was dying, I couldn't believe I found one and it was like £2 or something. I obviously am never going to wear it out of the house, aha it was just for me to get a gage of how one would look.

I just think that it's so hilarious. I really kind of liked the way I would look with a straight fringe, but for now, I'll just fill up that want by parading around the house with this fake one lol. I also had no make up on when I took this picture which is why I'm like face palming myself aha.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fag Case

So I went into the new "Pound World" the other day because I remembered someone saying to me that I could get a cigarette case in there. First of all, there are 3 "£1" shops on the same road in my town, like only a couple of shops apart from each other, which is so ridiculous! I think the 99p store is the worst one. I love kinder products and they always have such a shit selection in there. I always get kinder stuff from "£1" shops cause you get a lot in the pack and well, they're a pound. So I walked through the maze which is "Pound World" and right at the exit I found this gorgeous cigarette case! It's got really nice embossing on the front and it's so brilliant for a pound! It only holds 16 cigarettes though which is annoying, but whatever, it looks so cute I don't even care. I want to get one that does hold 20 eventually, but this will do for now.

x x

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Good Blog Title

I'm kind of bored of my style. Well I know exactly all of the clothes that I want and need to buy, but until I do, I just feel idk just urgh when I get dressed, ESPECIALLY as it won't get sunny outside for more than 5 minutes at a time. I'm sick of this weather. I just want to wear a nice midi dress, ankle pop socks and my 3 eye doc martens.
Also, I really need "dungarees" dress. And I want to wear it with the black lace/mesh jumper from American Apparel, 15 denier tights and my 3 eye docs.
I have so many outfits that I want to wear but I just don't own the dungarees dress or the AA mesh jumper.

This literally has been the most pointless post ever. I feel bad for anyone who is reading this ahahah

I did get a cute Noah's Ark bracelet today from New Look. Not bad.

Now American Dad, then bed.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

3 Posts In 1 Day? Must Be Good Day!

So in my previous post I was discussing the graphic and logo of my site.

I've made the site now FINALLY. I say FINALLY because I actually made samples nearly a month ago I'd say? But I just couldn't think of a name, well, I had  V I O L E T  S I R E N  in mind, but tbh I thought it sounded a bit gay...

But I like it, so I figured that that's the main part right? wrong?..

The link to the site is:

I really like the theme and the way the graphic sits right in the middle, like a main focal point.

I've only got 1 product up at the moment. A bracelet called:

S H E  S E L L S  S E A S H E L L S 

Named as the charm on the bracelet is a shell.

I'm really excited about this product because it's so simple yet so pretty. If I'm allowed to say that ha!

x x

What's In A Name?

Right, so I'm trying to come up with a name for my jewellery site, because before I come up with a name, i can't really make the website as I'll need the URL to be the name of the brand which I haven't come up with yet!
ahhh beyond annoying

I really want to incorporate Hole into the name, in some way, be it by using a song title or a quoted lyric line.

I wanted to use the word "Siren" in the title also though, Siren as in another word for Mermaid, well the jist of what a Mermaid is and so I came up with:

V I O L E T  S I R E N

(violet is a song by Hole)

As the name of my Site!! It's only for now until or if I find a name I like better.
I kind of really like Black Siren but hmmm I'm not sure yet. I'll see.

I've made a first draft graphic to go along with it also.
The picture of the Siren/Mermaid I got from diviant art, from an artist whose name on the website is "Emma_Jen"

It's a really simple line art picture but it's basically exactly what I want.
I edited the fin and the tail and also the stomach.

I used a "Barbie" font that I downloaded from a font site. I think for a first draft it's not that bad!!

I'd love some feedback so let me know what you think!

x x

Great Blogger Aren't I..

So apparently I haven't blogged in almost a year.
9 Months I think it is. WoW.
Yeah I have no excuse really, I think I actually started a different blog with intentions of actually keeping that one up but I ended up abandoning both of them.

I would really like to start blogging again as I did really used to enjoy it. 

Right, I'm going to start this up again.


I have a few ideas of stuff that I will post.
Obviously the usual OOTD's and purchases, but I'm starting up a Jewellery site so this could be potentially a great space to get my ideas and creations online, all in one accessible space.

Also, I would like to make topic posts about LGBT stufffff, specifically relating to Lesbians, for obvious reasons, but I would also like to touch on Feminism maybe.


As of tomorrow I will have an interesting post up.
Maybe even tonight. WHO KNOWS.


Thanks for reading!

x x