Monday, 31 October 2011


FINALLY I'm posting the haul I said that I would a couple of days ago.
But because I've left it to the evening again when the lighting is ridiculous in my room, I'm just going to post jewellery.

Everyone has a 'thing' that they love to buy; some people love shoes, others like bags, but mine is jewellery. Literally, every time that I go shopping I can guarantee you that I will come back with like one top, but 5 pieces of jewellery. So I thought I'd show some of what I have picked up this month.

I don't like to throw anything away, so I've just reattached some of the jewellery to the tags that they came in cause I obviously have worn them.

I actually got these for my birthday which was at the beginning of the month, BUT I went into topshop just the other day and they were in the sale for £3.50 when my mum paid £10 for them! Literally outrageous. They're really nice though, but for £10, you'd expect the snakeskin detailing to be at least faux leather, but no, they're just stickers.

These are actually one of my favourites. I wear these nearly everyday cause I love the whole 'spike/stud' fashion, and my hair covers my left ear always (my left ear lobe piercing is a tunnel so I can only wear one earring, until I get my 2nd piercings), so I like when you can subtly see the spikes through my hair. I like little things like that lol. These were £3.90 I think, which is crazily cheap as you can imagine them in topshop being around £10. I love when people always compare the cheapness of an item with the overpriced items in topshop.

These gorgeous earrings were from a random store on eBay. I literally just typed in silver cross earrings, and this came up. They were like £1 and were free p+p. I literally could not believe it. They're so cute! I say literally too much.

I have been wanting this ring for absolute AGES but didn't want to pay the over-priced amount, yes this ring is from topshop, how could you tell? I got it in the sale for £3.50 which is really good. It's more of a burnt burgundy colour, not like this picture is making it out to be. I always think that whenever topshop have a sale, they actually are just selling things for the amount that they should be! The clothes at least.

I'm not actually sure about this bracelet. I don't usually wear bracelets as I prefer to wear bulky rings so I think that it sometimes looks just a bit too much and unnecessary. I loved the triangular detailing on this bracelet though so had to buy it. It was also in the sale for £3.50 so I kind of had to buy it.

I haven't actually worn this yet because I think that the metal is a bit too fake looking, so I'd have to wear it with something very simple, but I'm just not sure what exactly I'd wear it with. It cost £2.50.

I got this in the asos sale because it just looked amazing on the model. It goes behind the ear, so it's a type of cuff thing, and wow, I just can't wait to wear it out as it came today in the post. Ahh I was so excited when it finally came! I think it was under £2, and I just love ittttt.

I got this from a random eBay store as well, for less then £2. If you probably couldn't tell by now, I love bargain jewellery and just thought that this was crazy cute. A nice simple stone ring.

I loved this because of the gorgeous turquoise stones on the cross. I'm trying to get more and more silver jewellery until I'm forced to wear it lol. I think it's always such a gorgeous element to most outfits and changes up the look, for me at least it would as I ALWAYS wear gold. I got this from asos and I think it was less then £6, but I'm not sure. 

So I'd been hearing a lot about how topman jewellerry is really good and apparrently is sometimes better than topshop jewellery? Well I don't agree with the latter, however I did find this triangle necklace for 70% off. It cost me about £3-something as it cost £12 originally. I would no way have spent £12 on it, until I had looked everywhere and couldn't find a similar triangular necklace, and luckily I found it in the sale!

Another buy from a random eBay store. I thought they were cute and would add a simple touch to any outfit.

I love this ring. To death. It was £2.50-£3.50. That is all.

I know that these aren't jewellery, obviously but I thought I'd put these in. The red on the right was bought for me, but the colour is really red, if you know what I mean lol, and I'm trying to understand why anyone would like the colour red, as I've always hated red. The one on the left is really nice though, a sort of vampy red colour. I lovvve it. It's almost black with 3 coats.

The endddddd ha.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Haul Post Postponed..

I'm not going to post my haul from today's shopping spree until tomorrow cause like I've previously said, the lighting in my room at night is literally terrible.

I spent about £100 today I think, and I really can't wait to post what I've bought!!


Right, so after work today I went shopping, but literally got carried away and bought so much stuff! The only thing I forgot to buy was a bra and baby wipes but I have to pop into town quickly tomorrow so I'll just pick them up then.
Before I do a haul post, I just wanted to post about this gorgeous skirt in Zara. My friend ended up buying it and I'm just going to borrow it off of her cause we both kind of wanted it in black so I reckon that I'll wait to buy it in black. I took a picture of me wearing it. It's grey and 'water fall' in that it's longer at the back then it is at the front, so asymmetric, but whenever I say asymmetric I think of horizontally it being shorter and longer.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Androgynous much?

I wanted to try out the whole androgyny look so I put my sleeveless denim shirt under a navy jumper (both from a charity shop). I added studs to the collar of the shirt a while back. I like it more in this photo


I'm still waiting to get paid which is driving me insane as there are so many specific things that I need to buy, one being the H&M Chelsea boots that I mentioned in a previous post. I'm getting overly stressed out because I start the fashion course on Monday 6 weeks into the term, and I haven't got anything to wear! Well, obvious exaggeration, but I don't have anything that I want to be wearing. 
My discount card arrived FINALLY so when I do get paid I can buy some stuff from New Look. There are quite a few cute shirts in there at the moment, and they have really pretty tops in the 'Party Wear' section at the moment. Look at me advertising my place of work. lol. anyway, what I really want to buy from New Look when is this gorgeous black coat, which has a fur collar and I just generally really like it and think that it would look lovely on.

It reminds me of the gorgeous leopard print collard black coat from topshop that I am desperately wanting, but I haven't seen it on the topshop website, but on eBay, it's currently at £29 and the bidding ends in a couple of days. This New Look coat however is £50 (£49.99), but with my discount would only cost me £25! and with the eBay coat I'd still have to pay p+p and well, I kind of really want this one. New Look do sell a similar coat to the topshop one except there are these weird buckles on the front that I'm just not so sure about if I'm honest. 

Maybe if I saw someone wearing it with something nice on that wasn't that blue skirt, then maybe it would be okay? It does look better in r/l though, but I'd rather just get the other one.This coat is £45 (£44.99) so I'd only have to pay £22.50, but saving £2.50 really isn't a saving at all to me when the other coat is a lot nicer.

Another thing I've been dying to get for about possibly 2 months now, is the skater leather (faux/pleather) skirt from H&M. I saw someone with the Zara version on, who had paired it with a white long sleeve shirt, and it just looked gorgeous.

It's £19.99 which I think is amazing as I'll probably be wearing it all the time.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

"Agape" : Lipstick

I've been looking for a darker shade of lipstick for a while to contrast with my usual orangy tint lipstick, and this is the lipstick that I need to own. I watched the latest "Clothes Encounters" video on youtube, and wow,  this colour is literally stunning on Jenn.

Here's a print screen of her wearing it. I'm literally amazed. And the shirt she has on. Actually this whole outfit, I literally sat at the screen with my mouth agape, completely .... Jesus this is amazing.

This honestly is one of the most gorgeous outfits that I have seen in a while. Her shirt was thrifted which I still cannot believe. Her in these Litas almost makes me regret not getting them and instead getting Gemini Jeffrey's.

If I get paid tomorrow which I'm PRAYING that i will, then I'm going to go into the market and pick up quilted fabric, and go into a charity shop, probably YMCA and buy a denim shirt, as I've hacked off the sleeves off of mine, and it's cold now so I'll need sleeves if I'm going to wear it out. Basically I'm going to make my own version of this shirt.

FINALLY my Alexander Wang inspired bag and my new leather jacket arrived in the post!

Well the bag came yesterday but I was just so excited about the 2 bargain buys I forgot the post it. Also, I prefer to take pictures in the day time as the lighting in my room is terrible, cause it's an attic room, and there are no ceiling lights, only lights in the corners of the room, and I decided to paint my walls a dark green/teal colour. I'm painting it a lavender colour soon to brighten the place up!
I ordered the bag and the jacket on the 3rd of this month, my birthday, and they came today, but I'm not annoyed as they both came from China and was free delivery.
Ages ago I bought a faux leather jacket from New Look which was abut £40 I think, but it never really fit right as I wanted it to more than graze my hips, rather than be a sort of waist jacket. I've been looking for the perfect replacement leather jacket and I finally found this one on eBay for about £25 maybe. The faux leather material is so soft and I can't stop playing with it. I got it in a size Large even though I'm a medium, as I didn't want to risk the disappointment of it being too small, but to be honest, it feels like a size 10-12 as a posed to a size 14 like it said it would be. Nevertheless I'm in love with it and will be wearing it all the time.

[Shirt- Primark £8, Bracelet- Charity Shop 50p, Fox Ring- H&M (came in set), Nails- Barry M (Mix of Mushroom and Peach)]

I have seen other gorgeous Wang look-alike bags, however I just didn't think that they looked as though they had enough room in them, as I like to carry a lot with me. Literally, I bring my whole make-up bag wherever I go, hairspray, body spray, hand sanitiser, purse, hand cream, keys, and my iPhone is always in my pocket. So I wanted an inspired version of the Wang bag as a posed to a replica. So I found this one on a random eBay store which ticked all the boxes for me. The only thing I would have like to be different would be that the studs on the bottom were less of a yellow gold and more hmm, just less yellowy.

Monday, 24 October 2011

So today I spent the day with my mum

even though it's her birthday tomorrow and I'm gonna be with her for that too, but yeh, I made her come in a few charity shops with me, snook off to get her present (loverdose perfume) and a card, and took the dog (lupin) to the parlours.
cute day.
I'm gutted I didn't buy this black velvet jumper that I found though. I was long enough to wear as a 'dress' type of jumper, ahh it would have been gorgeous with tights and my jeffrey's. gutted. and it won't be there again as it's a charity shop and I didn't look at the label so i could eBay it. it was perfect, even had a little collar detailng. ah well. I'll just have to eBay some other stuff.
I bought this gorgeous burnt orange jumper though with leather elbow pads which was £3.60, and this sort of cream/browny (not sure of the colour to be honest) top with holes in it's really cute. It has a scalloped neckline which made me just have to get it and it was only £2.99!!

Am I crazy for not buying this???

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Tomorrow when I'm in town buying my mum's birthday present..

I'm going to be looking for some chelsea boots because I still don't own any yet! I'm thinking of getting these from H&M as they are only £30 and that would allow me to go charity shop shopping cause I'll have spare money.

At first I didn't really like the buckle thing, but now I think that it makes them different and therefore better.

I was looking on the New Look website, (even though I work there and see the stock everyday) and found this cami, which I cannot believe is from New Look.

It's almost 'flesh' toned, so on my skin I'm guessing that it would look slightly more pink. It only costs £26.99 and has gorgeous scallop detailing. I may pick this up with my discount, but I'm not sure yet. 
I just want to buy a lot of urban outfitters tee's, but they all seem to be £25 upwards, so for £100 I'd only get 4 tees, which is ridiculous to me. The asos sale is really good at the moment, and I'll probably be purchasing some items later tonight. I'll post what I buy, or am interested in.
I'm definitely going to pop into my local topshop, as I'm hearing that their sale is amazing!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

1 more party pic.

Me and Mandy with out Ombré hair aha
i cropped everyone else out purely for the reason that we both have Ombré hair.
I look annoyed and I'm sticking out my stomach for some annoying reason.

I love this photo of me from the party last night

i love the leather skirt and the shirt combo as well.

So i downloaed the new iOS update for the iphone 4

wow. literally wow. you can pinch zoom when you're taking a picture now! instead of only the photo afterwards, wow, and other general features have improved BUT i'm so disappointed that iphone 4's don't have "Siri" whatever the hell that is anyways. apparently it's like a voice control thing but you can only get it if you have an iphone4S, which is ridiculous as the iphone4 hasn't even been out THAT long, and they made sure everyone was in a 2 yr contract, which is really irritating. When i can upgrade they'll probably be an iphone5S.

I'm thinking of wearing a leather jacket and velvet skirt?

That's okay right? Aha

Friday, 21 October 2011

In my last post of me wearing the outfit, in the background you can see all of the vitamin waters that I've bought.
I took this like a couple of weeks ago and now there is at least 10 more on that table. I'm so in love with vitamin water aha, it literally is the best drink i don't care. As you can tell I drink a lot of the purple one (fruit punch), I'd say that's my favourite.
I'm going to a surprise 18th tonight

So I'm planning on dressing sort of casual but with my Jeffrey's which seem to make any outfit more 'going out'ish. I'm going to wear a tan corduroy shirt, and tuck the front of it into a leather skirt and tights. I'm not sure as to what jewellery I should wear though. I'm thinking gold, naturally, cause of the tan, but I don't want to wear a simple chain. I have a chain necklace with a leopard print circular pendant on the bottom, and I'm considering wearing that. I'm really excited cause the girl who's party it is is one of my closest friends and she has no idea about the party! Should be a good nice.

Here's what it looks like on:

These are the shoes that I need to own

They're £75 but I can honestly see myself wearing them all the time. I just need to use my bday money from my dad, or wait until i get paid which is taking FOREVER.

SHOES (miniature haul)

I've bought 4 pairs of shoes this month, which is a lot for me as I don't often buy shoes. I think I may have a new love affair, though jewellery will always be my favourite to buy.

Nearly if not all of Jeffrey Campbell shoes are gorgeous and I would like to own them all. The Lita's are of course lovely, but I feel that everyone has a pair, and although I probably will be purchasing them in the near future, I thought that my first pair of Jeffrey's should be a pair that I haven't seen around much.
I bought these Gemini Jeffrey's off of Office and they were reduced from £110 to £48, so I couldn't miss that chance to get them! They are peep toed and heeled, and I have become a little bit obsessed with them.

Earlier this year I bought some Clarks Orignals Desert boots. I wear them nearly everyday, I'm so in love with them, but I really wanted to buy a pair in a lighter colour as mine are black. So I was in a charity shop the other day, and found these gorgeous boots! they're a bit dirty and have obviously been worn, but I think that adds to their character.

I've been needing a pair of light moccasins for a while now, but haven't been able to find a pair that I actually like. I work in New Look and was walking around the shoe section and saw these in the sale reduced from £24.99 to £7!!! I of course got them, but they have given me a blisters but for £7 I don't really mind wearing plasters.
Lastly I finally thought that I'd catch up with the Doc Marten craze, however, cause my feet are bigger than average sometimes boots make my feet look like clown feet and these did just that, so I am returning them. I was so upset because I have wanted these for a while. I'm going to buy some chelsea boots instead, Though I have my eye on the heeled versions from Topshop though they don't have my size in at the moment. eBay or wait.