Friday, 4 May 2012


 So I bought some black English conical spikes from Studs and Punks a few months back, and decided to buy the silver ones, to re-work some of my other clothes. I put 3 studs on either side of the collar on one of my chiffon shirts. I have 2 exactly the same, because I thought I lost one but then found it the next day! So i thought I'd put studs on of and leave the other bare so I'd have the option of to stud or not to stud for my outfit choices.
I bought the acid washed denim dress from Primark about 2 years ago, and it was my "goal" dress. I always buy clothes that don't fit in order for me to be motivated into losing some weight and being able to fit in them, but what normally ends up happening, is that I forget that I have bought them, and they sit in the wardrobe for a couple of years until i decide that I don't even want to wear it ever, so money gets wasted. This time, I thought that I'd rework it with some studs going along the front of the shoulder straps, and sell it on eBay. If a dress like this was in topshop, I reckon that it would sell for like £40, or something like that, but I'm only selling it for the buy it now price of £19.99, because I'm a nice person, or am just stupid ha!
The Levi shorts, I got them from a charity shop as jeans, and cut them into shorts and put studs all along the top back panel. I am in love with them but they are just far too big for me :( I'm going to buy another pair of black levi's that actually fit and stud them the same.


  1. i brought some studds as well,I have been going stud cray as well,studding everything from shoes,to denim lool
    like the detail you added on the shirt though
    new follower =)
    check out my blog in your spare time

  2. I've order some gold studs. I can't wait to stud EVERYTHING. This has given me some inspiration :) x