Saturday, 26 November 2011

Haven't posted in a while

I haven't posted in aaaages because I've been waiting for a lot of my clothes to be delivered! Tomorrow I'm going to take pictures of my new purchases which I'm so excited to finally have, after wanting them for a long time now. I wore the outfit in the picture above yesterday when I spent the day with my mum, just taking to dog to the parlour to get washed and cut for the last time this year before it gets really cold, and I bought a really nice cardi in a charity shop which I'll show tomorrow. I'm a massive fan of NiaSays on youtube, and in her latest haul, she reviewed these Topshop studded flats which I've been lusting after for quite a while now but didn't want to spend £28 on something I didn't want, when I could get 2 pairs of shoes from New Look with my discount for that price. She said that they are well worth it basically so I thought, you know what, I'm just going to buy them. I love them so much I wore them today at work as well. The only bad thing I'd say about them which I doubt would affect a lot of people, is that I always lean on the sides of my feet when I'm standing still, and the inside of the studs dig into your feet if you do that which actually really hurt. But I guess I shouldn't be leaning like that anyway aha. 
I wear my Strokes tee a lot and to bed as well, I just love it, and of course it has the Strokes on the front so that makes it even better. I got if off of eBay in a size Large, and cut the sleeves off. My coat is from eBay as well and has a brown fur collar. The jeggings are from New Look and I would highly recommend getting jeggings as a posed to to jeans. They're just so much more comfortable and just generally better as you don't have to worry about your flies falling down or any crap like that.

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  1. Those loafers are wonderful and the t-shirt is awesome !
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