Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Clothes Haul

The blogger website won't let me upload any of the pictures! So I'm going to have to do it off of the app and then edit the text etc when I'm at the computer. I also have bought a lot of jewellery and am going to do that in a separate post tomorrow along with my favourite item ending 2011.
RIGHT so, with the Christmas money that I got I've put some in the bank to pay for a holiday next summer, but the rest I basically spent it in one day lol. I was meant to save £50 but then I went into Topshop and there were these boots that I had been lusting after for god knows how long! They were in the sale down from £80 so I just had to get them! I did originally want the Allegra boots but they sold out of them them :( but these are probably better so I am extremely happy!! The studs are what makes them I think. I love them <3

For Christmas I got these beautiful wedges, £80, also from Topshop, from my nan and WOW I've worn them already once which is why there is mud on one of the heels lol, which I'm going to clean at some point, but they weren't comfortable! I don't know why though because I'm used to wearing heels but they just hurt a bit on the soles of my feet. They're stunning though so I'll get over it aha. I love how they are wedges but have a slit in them to make them into heels. The buckle is massive as well, ahhhh I can't even write in a literate way, these shoes just make me too excited!

 I have two pairs of black flats, the studded topshop pumps, and the suede black ones with a gold bar on the front, but I wanted a pair that was more simple and that I could wear with jeans and them be a bit more bulky, as a posed to giving my feet a delicate shape. I don't know how much these cost cause I got them with my discount as they are from New Look, but they were under £15.

I bought my New Years Eve outfit FINALLY and I've been eyeing it up for a while now but didn't want to pay full price as it is from Primark. I don't understand how or why Primark now think that they can charge high prices for things, when the quality of their products hasn't improved. I don't like spending a lot of money anyway on anything other than shoes, so I definitely won't be spending a lot on anything from Primark. So, I was in primark with my mum looking for some slippers cause they always sell really good family guy ones around Christmas time, when I saw the dress which actually turned out to be a playsuit but it looks gorgeous on. It has a burnt sunflower pattern all over it which I'm really surprised that I like as I don't like floral prints all that much at all, but I was just really drawn to his outfit!
The top part wraps over and I plan to wear to wear it with tights, as I don't like my legs, and the Topshop wedges, with either my Black Cherry lipstick from Revlon or my Endless Drama by MAC.

I finally got a pair of leather side panelled leggings, but I didn't get the H&M ones, I instead got them from New Look! Get them asap cause they have already sold out in my work store! I got the leather fronted trousers from H&M though but forgot to take a picture of them! :s

I went into New Look the other day with my friend just to have a look because recently I've been on tills for the whole of my shifts so I have been able to have a look around the store at what's new etc. My friend and I found this gorgeous jumper with a speckled pattern or whatever it's called, and she ended up getting it, but I'm going to go back and get it!! But whilst we were looking at it and deciding whether or not to get it, I moved some of the jumpers forward on the rail and saw this vest top that I literally could not believe was from New Look. I still haven't got over that it's from New Look!! It looks like something you'd pick up at Urban Outfitters or something, seriously I really recommend everyone to go and buy this! I'm not sure how much it cost but without a discount I'd say it's under £20!! The silver lines I think are like a foil type of material, but the best part I think is the grey speckled material!

I bought a jumper from a charity shop because it had this gorgeous silver beading pattern all over it, except the bottom had werid sequins all over it which just were too gaudy and 'grannyish' for my style so I'm going to cut it off and sew the ends up with my new sewing machine that I got for Christmas!! That's why the bottom of the jumper isn't in the shot because I'm going to cut it off anyways.

I'm going to post the jewellery separately because I want to go into a lot more detail with each piece. Hope you enjoyed the haul xxxx

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