Monday, 16 January 2012

New Hair Idea

So I recently re-ombré'd my hair so the ends are now a sort of ash medium brown town with the tops of my hair just a dark brown colour. I saved a picture a couple of months ago of the hair that NEEDED in my life, but I was never brace enough to go as light as it was, but it's 2012, not a whole new me, just the 'me' I've always wanted to be, so before I go to have my weave put back in, i'm going to dye it all lighter and dye my own hair lighter also. The picture below is what I hope to the achieve, except the center-part styling, the rest is exactly what I want. I love ash hair tones and this is exactly what I want to create on my own head! I'm overly excited to do this as his as I've been needing a change and also this isn't something drastic, it will be a very nice change!! I've been going through that phase of hating everything in your wardrobe as well, so I at least want to be loving my hair and the rest will follow through. Hopefully.


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  2. cute idea!

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