Tuesday, 3 January 2012


These are the pieces that I have picked up in the past couple of weeks. 5 of the things in the top picture I bought on one outing ! Jewellery is my vice. I could go shopping in need of something specific and come end up buying loads of jewellery and not what I actually was looking for. 
The shell earrings are so cute! I really love shells and am going to be getting a tattoo of a scallop shell either on my ankle/side of my leg, or on my forearm. These earrings were only £1.50 from a charity shop, and i saw them when I was meant to be Christmas shopping but I find it hard to go out and not spend money so had to buy myself something! 
The necklace with the big "£4" sticker on it caught my eye cause I was thinking of taking off the green gem things completely, like as you can see two of them had already fallen out, so I took all of the off completely and now it looks really nice.
The feather necklace is was from New Look as well, and I just couldn't leave it! I could imagine wearing it with a lovely black shirt or jumper or some combination of the two. The colour is gorgeous as well so I couldn't leave it, even though it could look a bit gaudy if it was worn with the wrong thing.
I had to buy the scorpion earrings cause well, they're scorpions! And the top and end of the body is gold, and the middle is silver which is gorgeous as I love these contrasting metals at the moment, and it also means that you can wear either gold or silver jewellery with the earrings.
The silver long chain is from topman and was in the sale for £2 so I of course couldn't leave it there! And I've been wearing my silver triangle pendant from topman a lot, too much, so I'm glad I have another silver pendant to wear so I'm not wearing one relentlessly.

The two Asos items, wow, they were both only £3! which is unbelievable as they are gorgeous! I haven't actually worn the studded bracelet yet as I have tiny wrists so I've just been putting off wearing it.
The spike necklace however, I have been wearing nearly everyday! It sits so nicely under a collar so it is very easy to wear. So worth it. I think they're both still in the sale!!

I'm thinking of doing outfit posts soon, so you'll see how I'd style the feather necklace etc.

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