Thursday, 12 January 2012

Vegetarian 2012

So In 2011 I decided that I was going to make some new years resolutions, like I do every year, like most people do, but nobody ever usually keeps them past March. This year however I am determined to take them seriously. I decided to become a vegetarian. The thought of eating animals muscles and flesh had just got too much for me, and to be honest I'm glad that I finally have become one. I'm on a diet as well and I've been doing 50 sit ups a day and last night decided to make that 100 in the night and 100 in the morning, so 200 a day. Good God, that might decrease over a couple of weeks aha, but I want/need to have a 'bikini body' by July, and I know that that is AGES away, 6 months, but I want to just be comfortable in my body, and wear clothes that I want to wear. There's no point just trying to accept your body, when you aren't actually happy and never will be. So making a change really isn't actually that hard to be honest. Once you get started, it's not hard, just think of your goal and then you'll get there. I think I've lost weight already, cause I have completely cut meat and fish from my diet, which I wouldn't recommend cause I did feel really sick for the first week, but now I do still feel a bit sick, but I think my body is just lacking protein.
This leads me to the picture above. My mum's boyfriend, bless him, has been like really supportive if my diet changes aha, and he bought me a few Quorn meals! But I didn't realise it was FUNGUS ahaha, now I know that mushrooms are fungus or whatever, and I love mushrooms, but still aha I just thought it was funny that they say 'Part of the Fungi Family'

Actually now, it's not that funny or shocking is it ahahah, wow, awkward..

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