Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fag Case

So I went into the new "Pound World" the other day because I remembered someone saying to me that I could get a cigarette case in there. First of all, there are 3 "£1" shops on the same road in my town, like only a couple of shops apart from each other, which is so ridiculous! I think the 99p store is the worst one. I love kinder products and they always have such a shit selection in there. I always get kinder stuff from "£1" shops cause you get a lot in the pack and well, they're a pound. So I walked through the maze which is "Pound World" and right at the exit I found this gorgeous cigarette case! It's got really nice embossing on the front and it's so brilliant for a pound! It only holds 16 cigarettes though which is annoying, but whatever, it looks so cute I don't even care. I want to get one that does hold 20 eventually, but this will do for now.

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