Sunday, 24 March 2013

No Fringe? Fake Fringe!

So I've been recently really wanting a straight fringe, like a shortish sort of one, not like the one that Hayley Williams is currently attempting to pull off, but a decent shortish kind of fringe. So I thought, instead of loping off my hair and then crying if it ended up looking ridiculous, on a whim I decided to type into eBay "fake fringe" and I actually found one. I was dying, I couldn't believe I found one and it was like £2 or something. I obviously am never going to wear it out of the house, aha it was just for me to get a gage of how one would look.

I just think that it's so hilarious. I really kind of liked the way I would look with a straight fringe, but for now, I'll just fill up that want by parading around the house with this fake one lol. I also had no make up on when I took this picture which is why I'm like face palming myself aha.

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