Sunday, 17 March 2013

Great Blogger Aren't I..

So apparently I haven't blogged in almost a year.
9 Months I think it is. WoW.
Yeah I have no excuse really, I think I actually started a different blog with intentions of actually keeping that one up but I ended up abandoning both of them.

I would really like to start blogging again as I did really used to enjoy it. 

Right, I'm going to start this up again.


I have a few ideas of stuff that I will post.
Obviously the usual OOTD's and purchases, but I'm starting up a Jewellery site so this could be potentially a great space to get my ideas and creations online, all in one accessible space.

Also, I would like to make topic posts about LGBT stufffff, specifically relating to Lesbians, for obvious reasons, but I would also like to touch on Feminism maybe.


As of tomorrow I will have an interesting post up.
Maybe even tonight. WHO KNOWS.


Thanks for reading!

x x

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