Sunday, 17 March 2013

3 Posts In 1 Day? Must Be Good Day!

So in my previous post I was discussing the graphic and logo of my site.

I've made the site now FINALLY. I say FINALLY because I actually made samples nearly a month ago I'd say? But I just couldn't think of a name, well, I had  V I O L E T  S I R E N  in mind, but tbh I thought it sounded a bit gay...

But I like it, so I figured that that's the main part right? wrong?..

The link to the site is:

I really like the theme and the way the graphic sits right in the middle, like a main focal point.

I've only got 1 product up at the moment. A bracelet called:

S H E  S E L L S  S E A S H E L L S 

Named as the charm on the bracelet is a shell.

I'm really excited about this product because it's so simple yet so pretty. If I'm allowed to say that ha!

x x

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