Friday, 28 October 2011


I'm still waiting to get paid which is driving me insane as there are so many specific things that I need to buy, one being the H&M Chelsea boots that I mentioned in a previous post. I'm getting overly stressed out because I start the fashion course on Monday 6 weeks into the term, and I haven't got anything to wear! Well, obvious exaggeration, but I don't have anything that I want to be wearing. 
My discount card arrived FINALLY so when I do get paid I can buy some stuff from New Look. There are quite a few cute shirts in there at the moment, and they have really pretty tops in the 'Party Wear' section at the moment. Look at me advertising my place of work. lol. anyway, what I really want to buy from New Look when is this gorgeous black coat, which has a fur collar and I just generally really like it and think that it would look lovely on.

It reminds me of the gorgeous leopard print collard black coat from topshop that I am desperately wanting, but I haven't seen it on the topshop website, but on eBay, it's currently at £29 and the bidding ends in a couple of days. This New Look coat however is £50 (£49.99), but with my discount would only cost me £25! and with the eBay coat I'd still have to pay p+p and well, I kind of really want this one. New Look do sell a similar coat to the topshop one except there are these weird buckles on the front that I'm just not so sure about if I'm honest. 

Maybe if I saw someone wearing it with something nice on that wasn't that blue skirt, then maybe it would be okay? It does look better in r/l though, but I'd rather just get the other one.This coat is £45 (£44.99) so I'd only have to pay £22.50, but saving £2.50 really isn't a saving at all to me when the other coat is a lot nicer.

Another thing I've been dying to get for about possibly 2 months now, is the skater leather (faux/pleather) skirt from H&M. I saw someone with the Zara version on, who had paired it with a white long sleeve shirt, and it just looked gorgeous.

It's £19.99 which I think is amazing as I'll probably be wearing it all the time.

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