Monday, 31 October 2011


FINALLY I'm posting the haul I said that I would a couple of days ago.
But because I've left it to the evening again when the lighting is ridiculous in my room, I'm just going to post jewellery.

Everyone has a 'thing' that they love to buy; some people love shoes, others like bags, but mine is jewellery. Literally, every time that I go shopping I can guarantee you that I will come back with like one top, but 5 pieces of jewellery. So I thought I'd show some of what I have picked up this month.

I don't like to throw anything away, so I've just reattached some of the jewellery to the tags that they came in cause I obviously have worn them.

I actually got these for my birthday which was at the beginning of the month, BUT I went into topshop just the other day and they were in the sale for £3.50 when my mum paid £10 for them! Literally outrageous. They're really nice though, but for £10, you'd expect the snakeskin detailing to be at least faux leather, but no, they're just stickers.

These are actually one of my favourites. I wear these nearly everyday cause I love the whole 'spike/stud' fashion, and my hair covers my left ear always (my left ear lobe piercing is a tunnel so I can only wear one earring, until I get my 2nd piercings), so I like when you can subtly see the spikes through my hair. I like little things like that lol. These were £3.90 I think, which is crazily cheap as you can imagine them in topshop being around £10. I love when people always compare the cheapness of an item with the overpriced items in topshop.

These gorgeous earrings were from a random store on eBay. I literally just typed in silver cross earrings, and this came up. They were like £1 and were free p+p. I literally could not believe it. They're so cute! I say literally too much.

I have been wanting this ring for absolute AGES but didn't want to pay the over-priced amount, yes this ring is from topshop, how could you tell? I got it in the sale for £3.50 which is really good. It's more of a burnt burgundy colour, not like this picture is making it out to be. I always think that whenever topshop have a sale, they actually are just selling things for the amount that they should be! The clothes at least.

I'm not actually sure about this bracelet. I don't usually wear bracelets as I prefer to wear bulky rings so I think that it sometimes looks just a bit too much and unnecessary. I loved the triangular detailing on this bracelet though so had to buy it. It was also in the sale for £3.50 so I kind of had to buy it.

I haven't actually worn this yet because I think that the metal is a bit too fake looking, so I'd have to wear it with something very simple, but I'm just not sure what exactly I'd wear it with. It cost £2.50.

I got this in the asos sale because it just looked amazing on the model. It goes behind the ear, so it's a type of cuff thing, and wow, I just can't wait to wear it out as it came today in the post. Ahh I was so excited when it finally came! I think it was under £2, and I just love ittttt.

I got this from a random eBay store as well, for less then £2. If you probably couldn't tell by now, I love bargain jewellery and just thought that this was crazy cute. A nice simple stone ring.

I loved this because of the gorgeous turquoise stones on the cross. I'm trying to get more and more silver jewellery until I'm forced to wear it lol. I think it's always such a gorgeous element to most outfits and changes up the look, for me at least it would as I ALWAYS wear gold. I got this from asos and I think it was less then £6, but I'm not sure. 

So I'd been hearing a lot about how topman jewellerry is really good and apparrently is sometimes better than topshop jewellery? Well I don't agree with the latter, however I did find this triangle necklace for 70% off. It cost me about £3-something as it cost £12 originally. I would no way have spent £12 on it, until I had looked everywhere and couldn't find a similar triangular necklace, and luckily I found it in the sale!

Another buy from a random eBay store. I thought they were cute and would add a simple touch to any outfit.

I love this ring. To death. It was £2.50-£3.50. That is all.

I know that these aren't jewellery, obviously but I thought I'd put these in. The red on the right was bought for me, but the colour is really red, if you know what I mean lol, and I'm trying to understand why anyone would like the colour red, as I've always hated red. The one on the left is really nice though, a sort of vampy red colour. I lovvve it. It's almost black with 3 coats.

The endddddd ha.

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