Tuesday, 25 October 2011

FINALLY my Alexander Wang inspired bag and my new leather jacket arrived in the post!

Well the bag came yesterday but I was just so excited about the 2 bargain buys I forgot the post it. Also, I prefer to take pictures in the day time as the lighting in my room is terrible, cause it's an attic room, and there are no ceiling lights, only lights in the corners of the room, and I decided to paint my walls a dark green/teal colour. I'm painting it a lavender colour soon to brighten the place up!
I ordered the bag and the jacket on the 3rd of this month, my birthday, and they came today, but I'm not annoyed as they both came from China and was free delivery.
Ages ago I bought a faux leather jacket from New Look which was abut £40 I think, but it never really fit right as I wanted it to more than graze my hips, rather than be a sort of waist jacket. I've been looking for the perfect replacement leather jacket and I finally found this one on eBay for about £25 maybe. The faux leather material is so soft and I can't stop playing with it. I got it in a size Large even though I'm a medium, as I didn't want to risk the disappointment of it being too small, but to be honest, it feels like a size 10-12 as a posed to a size 14 like it said it would be. Nevertheless I'm in love with it and will be wearing it all the time.

[Shirt- Primark £8, Bracelet- Charity Shop 50p, Fox Ring- H&M (came in set), Nails- Barry M (Mix of Mushroom and Peach)]

I have seen other gorgeous Wang look-alike bags, however I just didn't think that they looked as though they had enough room in them, as I like to carry a lot with me. Literally, I bring my whole make-up bag wherever I go, hairspray, body spray, hand sanitiser, purse, hand cream, keys, and my iPhone is always in my pocket. So I wanted an inspired version of the Wang bag as a posed to a replica. So I found this one on a random eBay store which ticked all the boxes for me. The only thing I would have like to be different would be that the studs on the bottom were less of a yellow gold and more hmm, just less yellowy.

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