Monday, 24 October 2011

So today I spent the day with my mum

even though it's her birthday tomorrow and I'm gonna be with her for that too, but yeh, I made her come in a few charity shops with me, snook off to get her present (loverdose perfume) and a card, and took the dog (lupin) to the parlours.
cute day.
I'm gutted I didn't buy this black velvet jumper that I found though. I was long enough to wear as a 'dress' type of jumper, ahh it would have been gorgeous with tights and my jeffrey's. gutted. and it won't be there again as it's a charity shop and I didn't look at the label so i could eBay it. it was perfect, even had a little collar detailng. ah well. I'll just have to eBay some other stuff.
I bought this gorgeous burnt orange jumper though with leather elbow pads which was £3.60, and this sort of cream/browny (not sure of the colour to be honest) top with holes in it's really cute. It has a scalloped neckline which made me just have to get it and it was only £2.99!!


  1. oh my god, bargain hunter!xx
    followed xx

  2. i do love a good bargain!
    i'm loving your white shirt and leather look bottoms combo.
    followed you xx

    &I've been looking for one just like this for ages! x

  3. haha same, and thank you very much!xxx