Sunday, 23 October 2011

Tomorrow when I'm in town buying my mum's birthday present..

I'm going to be looking for some chelsea boots because I still don't own any yet! I'm thinking of getting these from H&M as they are only £30 and that would allow me to go charity shop shopping cause I'll have spare money.

At first I didn't really like the buckle thing, but now I think that it makes them different and therefore better.

I was looking on the New Look website, (even though I work there and see the stock everyday) and found this cami, which I cannot believe is from New Look.

It's almost 'flesh' toned, so on my skin I'm guessing that it would look slightly more pink. It only costs £26.99 and has gorgeous scallop detailing. I may pick this up with my discount, but I'm not sure yet. 
I just want to buy a lot of urban outfitters tee's, but they all seem to be £25 upwards, so for £100 I'd only get 4 tees, which is ridiculous to me. The asos sale is really good at the moment, and I'll probably be purchasing some items later tonight. I'll post what I buy, or am interested in.
I'm definitely going to pop into my local topshop, as I'm hearing that their sale is amazing!